One of the hottest ways to get fit while having fun today is with a Zumba workout. The popularity of this fitness program has exploded recently, especially among women. Zumba turns aerobic moves into a fun and fast dance routine set to energetic salsa, flamenco, and meringue rhythms and beats. The music makes it easy for participants to let loose and get active under the guidance of an instructor.

Routines can be modified and adjusted to fit different fitness levels. The most important, and essentially the only equipment that is needed for this type of workout is a good pair of Zumba shoes. These could be cross trainer sneakers or dance specific sneakers. Having comfortable, proper footwear will make injuries less likely and allow participants to do all of the moves with ease.

The Zumba workout, as it is known today, began as an accident back in 1986. Founder Alberto Perez, a Colombian native, was teaching an aerobics class. He had forgotten to bring the correct music, so he just put on a salsa tape for the session. The class participants loved it, and everything took off from there. Today there are instructors and participants in more than 40 countries around the world.

What makes Zumba so attractive to so many different people is that it is not directed at a specific skill or fitness level. People of all ages can benefit from aerobics. It is a great way to slim down, burn calories, improve muscle tone and balance, and increase overall energy levels. It is an excellent cardio routine, but it does require a certain amount of letting go of inhibitions. Some people may feel silly at first, but ultimately, Zumba is all about having a good time while getting fit.

Zumba can be done right at home with an instructional video, or in a fitness center or dance studio with an instructor. Sessions can last as little as 20 minutes or as long as an hour, depending on the routine. The movements are typically easy to learn, and they help to sharpen the mind, as well as firm up the body. You have to be quick on your feet and willing to keep up with a fast pace.

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The tempo and the beat of the music dictates the speed of the routine. Typical moves include twisting, shimmying, and shaking the hips out on the floor. Movements with the arms are also common. Beginners can jump right in and get a feel for the music, and experienced dancers can incorporate more elaborate moves into a routine.

The Zumba workout is being viewed as a trend by some, but the fact is that this is an effective and beneficial way to firm up while having a good time. It is simple enough for anyone to begin a routine. There is no fancy equipment needed, other than good training sneakers and comfortable fitness clothing that allows the body to move freely. It is a high energy, easy way to strengthen the core, increase flexibility, and lose weight.