The cold weather gives everyone the winter blues. This then leads excuses to avoid exercise and keeping fit. Luckily there is one extra fun way to stay in shape indoors. No need for expensive gym memberships, or workout equipment. No fear of the cold air interrupting your workout. All you need is some space to move around. This ideal way to keep healthy is Zumba.For those interested in dancing or learning choreography then put on some specially selected Zumba songs and get moving. It combines different dances such as Salsa, the Samba, hip-hop, and mixes them with aerobics.

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The Zumba songs playing while working out are essential to the right movement, and feeling the energy of this Colombian dance. Remember the dances are mainly Latin American based, so suitable music should reflect that. A very popular choice that mixes in a lot of belly dancing and hip work is by Shakira. Her music is very suited to Zumba, but the best song to really move to is “hips don’t lie”.  Fanatics of this workout and qualified instructors frequently rate this as their favorite song to move to. It gets a good crowd response at classes.

Pitbull is one of the biggest stars on the planet now. His background is Cuban, the same origin as Zumba, so a lot of his music is popular. The key to creating the perfect tracklist is making sure they blend with the specific choice of dance. It is easier to learn a dance or workout when the music matches the rhythms. Dj’s do a lot of special remixes of famous club and dance songs that trainers would play in Zumba classes. To really feel the benefits of this workout you have to enjoy what you are doing. Feel the music, follow the instructors and just have fun.