If you have watched the movie “300”, you must have noticed the amazing fitness level the cast and stunt men were in. All that is attributed to Mark Twight, who trained them and came up with the now famous 300 workout plan. Mark, who is the founder of Gym Jones, put to use a lot of routines which saw the guys develop a lean muscular look that has been the talk of many people. He maintained the philosophy of keeping the participants as fit as possible, which resulted in the lean look that was evident in the movie.

Twight did not use only one method to achieve those incredible results, but utilized many approaches which involved very strenuous routines. Out of these routines, one of them stood out, and was named the 300 workout plan. The name of the workout regime derives from the number of repetitions which are completed during the whole workout. The workout utilizes six different types of exercises, 50 reps for each. Let us look at the various exercises in the plan:
•Pull-ups (50 reps) 25 at the beginning, 25 at the end- These work on the biceps and lats.
•Deadlift using 135lbs (50 reps) – These target the lower back.
• Push-ups (50 reps) — These work on the shoulders and arms.
•24″ box jumps (50 reps) — These work on the lower body and exercise the cardiovascular system.
•Floor wipers using 135lbs weight (50 reps) — These target the chest, shoulders and arms.
•Single arm clean and press using a 36 lbs. kettle bell (50 reps), 25 per arm. This targets the biceps.

This is a highly intense workout that would benefit beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. With some variation to suit your energy level, the exercise can be incorporated into your exercise routine. Make sure you have adequately warmed up your body before embarking on the exercise.