Why is sugar bad for your skin and your health

As holiday time approaches I decided to write something that will spoil the enjoyment of eating dessert. Yeah, we need to take responsibility for our actions, so just read the facts about the second most harmful food in the world (the first are trans fatty acids, such as margarine, probably you don`t need to explain that in desserts, there is just as much trans fatty acids as sugar).

Well, I eat sweets as well, but I don`t fool myself. I work hard to eat white refined sugar as little as possible. Above all, I stick to my principles and eat only food that actually has nutritional value. So I eat whole grain products, vegetables (raw only), fruits, white meat, lots of fish and seafood, dairy products and nuts and dehulled cereals, drink only water and tea.

Why sugar is bad for you?

Sugar rapidly goes into the blood stream, so its concentration in the blood increases rapidly, which creates a sense of an energy charge. Very quickly a reversal follows. The shock affects mainly the pancreas, which pumps out too much insulin and leads to a feeling of fatigue, even vertigo.

Since white refined sugar does not have fiber and other assistants in digestion (this is the main difference from the sugar present in fruit), it takes everything necessary from our body (completely upsets the balance of minerals in the body, which causes lack of calcium). It takes a particular substance that the body needs for nerves and glands. The consequences can be seen in nerve diseases, even in nervous breakdowns, insomnia, sickness, etc. Some people state that because of the effect and consequences of white sugars, it should be classified as drug.

Sugar causes brain changes, such as the secretion of serotonin and morphine-like substances. This usually results in people constantly eating candy and becoming addicted to sugar. If you consume sugar, because it makes you feel good, then you are addicted.

Sugar is not only harmful for your overall health, it`s the most harmful food for your skin as well. If you would like to slow down the aging of your skin (and of course, the entire body), you need to reduce or abolish white refined sugar from your diet.

First of all, foods with a high glycemic index cause acne. Secondly, the white refined sugar causes glycation. Glycation causes damage to the body proteins because they bind with sugar, blood sugar binds to collagen fibers and makes them stiff. For this reason, the skin loses flexibility and elasticity, wrinkles appear and the skin becomes loose and saggy.

My advice on sugar:

Sugar is a poison and a drug. No one needs it. As I mentioned, if you can, you should give up sugar 100%. If not, you can stick to my principle: only on birthdays and holidays, and special occasions (just add up all the birthdays and holidays, you will get a sugar high at least 1x a month). I would share a word of advice: do not buy sweets! Try to bake them yourselves. Why? Because when you know what’s in them, you will soon realize that the amount of sugar and fat that goes into them is alarmingly high. As I staying true to the “practice what you preach” mentality, I am baking a cake for my mom’s birthday, as I am writing this. I doubt I’m going to eat more than one piece.

What`s your take on sugar? Let me know in the comment are 😉