I used to drink at least 2 cups of coffee every day, and I loved it! I couldn`t wait to wake up just to make myself a cup of coffee and drink it together with a piece of dark chocolate. This was my morning ritual. And I though it was healthy. Coffee and dark chocolate are healthy right? They have a lot of antioxidants and they are good for your brain. Coffee has to be good for memory and concentration, I was allways drinking it while studying for exams.

But then one day I fell on my head. Quite literarly. I colapsed and broke my jaw. When I came home from the hospital I began to take more care of my health. I began working out, I quit smoking, I ditched sugar and coffee. I was feeling great, I have never had more energy! But you know, after awhile… I started drinking it again, just without sugar. It is progress right? But something bigger than me came to teach me a lesson yet again.

Because of some weird breast lump I went to take breast ultrasound and there I saw a lot of black holes on the screen. The doctor told me these are cysts and that I can not do anything about it. They are the reason my breasts hurt like hell every month. But this was new to me. My brests never hurt before. That was happening to me for the last 2 years, after I stopped and started drinking coffee again. So I decided to investigate the diagnose-Fibrocystic breasts by myself. And what I found out made me stop drinking coffee again.

Why I stopped drinking coffee?

I didn`t take my breast cysts siriously until I saw how bad it is. That really scared me. My breasts looked like Emmentaler cheese on that ultrasound. I started browsing the internet and searching for a solution. The doctor said I can not do anything about it, and most of the sites on the internet were saying the same. But there are some women that found something that helped them. And the most important of course is a diet. Everyone is saying: “cut out the caffeine!” But not just coffee, chocolate has caffeine in it too. Oh no! Not chocolate, don`t take my coffee and chocolate from me.

And when you think there can`t be anything worse, you read that you have to quit alcohol as well. I have to quit my glass of healhy red wine as well? Are you kidding me? Everything that made my diet special and suppose to be healthy, is now bad for me. Coffee, chocolate and now wine? Is there any other reason to wake up in the morning?

And let me tell you, I had some trouble waking up in the morning. Like I wrote it in the begining, I couldn`t wait to wake up, drink coffee with a piece of dark chocolate while browsing Pinterest in peace, while everyone else was still sleeping. Now what?

Why coffee is bad for you?

  1. The caffeine in coffee increases your stress hormone cortisol. Don`t you have enough stress in your life allready?
  2. Acidity of coffee disturbs your gut. Yes, some people need coffee in the morning to make them poop, but trust me, it is not good for your gut flora.
  3. Its a drug! Yes, it is very addictive. You dont belive me? Try to quit coffee and you`ll see how addicitive it is.
  4. When urine of coffe drinkers was tested, they noted a lot of minerals like calcium and magnesium in it. We know that coffee is a diuretic, but I didn`t know that means you will lose some important minerals because of it.
  5.  Not only does coffee cause you to excrete some minerals, it also interferes with vitamin and mineral absorption. It can cause a malabsorption of calcium, vitamin D and iron. Calcium and vitamin D are very important for your bone health. Coffee can also lead to osteoporosis.
  6. Incontinence and breast cysts. There are studies that show, that caffeine is making breast cysts worse. But did you know that one study shows, that women which consume a lot of caffeine are 70% more likely to develop incontinence. That totaly shocked me!

 I get it, coffee is bad, now what?

So coffee is bad. I stopped drinking it. Now what? I remember that when I first stopped drinking coffee I went for a run in the morning and after the run I took a cold shower with some citrusy smelling shower gel to wake me up. I had more energy than any coffee could give me. I could see myself doing that again. But right now I am lazy and I don`t feel like running.

Then I started drinking green tea. I know there is some caffeine in green tea as well, but not nearly as much as in coffee. That was kind of working. Green tea with some lemon in it, woke me up, but then around 2 p.m. I though I am gonna fall a sleep while standing up. It was horrible! But after a week it stopped. Now I can make it through the day without coffee.

But there is always a but. I want something that tastes like coffee just to spoil myself a little. You know, something warm with some milk… And than I remembered what my grandma was drinking when I was a kid. It was white coffee which I later found in the store.

The substitute for coffee

There it was, a chicory coffee… It costs more that regular coffee which is funny because it used to be for poor people, for the ones that couldn`t afford real coffee.  I bought it and I was really nervous making it, even more nervous taking the first sip. Will I like it? I really wanted to like it. I took my sip very carefully and I…

I loved it! I am drinking it right now while writing this post. You know what`s the best part, It is 11 p.m. and I can drink it. I won`t have trouble falling asleep because there is no caffeine in it. It tastes just like mild coffee. I drink it with almond milk and without sugar. Even my boyfriend, that just loooooooves coffee, tried it and liked it. He liked it so much, that he had a cup of it with me today.

Why chicory coffee is good for you?

  1. Chicory coffee contains a lot of anti-inflammatory polyphenols and that is important because inflammation can cause severe health problems. There was a study about it, which showed that 27 volunteers had significant improvements in their red blood cells after just one week of drinking chichory coffee.
  2. Chicory root could prevent diabetes, due to fiber inulin in it! Inulin is a type of soluble fiber that pases through undigested and there for slows down the glucose absorbtion.
  3. Inulin also works like a prebiotic which means that it is good for your gut. Prebiotics promote growth of good bacteria in your digestive system.
  4. Chicory may have sedative effects. The components of chicory that cause the bitter taste (lactucin and lactucoprin) are also components that relax the central nervous system.

Chicory coffee is good for everything that regular coffee is bad for. If coffee causes anxiety, chicory calms you down. While coffee messes with your gut, chicory is good for it. Most important for me: it doesn`t cause breast cysts.