The Sole E35 Vs E95 Elliptical : Which Is The Better Choice?


Lately, I’ve seen a vibrant discussion concerning the Sole E35 – E95 elliptical exercise machines, mostly centered on which one is the right choice for a specific buyer. I’ve researched both training machines thoroughly, so I’ve decided to add my opinion to the conversation.

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. Elliptical machines (sometimes called cross-trainers) are a substantial purchase, so you should do your homework rather than just settling for whatever you see first. A bare-bones model will run you at least $600, while a machine with more features will run you thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, an elliptical training machine is probably the only machine you need for a complete home gym. It’ll provide a low-impact, full-body workout that’s adjustable to nearly any fitness level, allowing every member of your household to use it while also allowing one machine to adapt to your changing needs.

If your research has led to a choice between the Sole E35 and Sole E95, congratulations! Both are top-notch machines, so your process was probably pretty good to lead you to them.

That said, you still need to make a decision. Here is a complete comparison of the two:

Is There Much Difference Between The Sole E35 elliptical And The Sole E95 elliptical machine?

Honestly, the differences between these machines are relatively minor in nature. Both are manufactured by Sole Fitness, one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The company’s warranty is among the best in the business. Parts and electronics are backed for five years, labor is protected for two, and the frame has a powerful lifetime warranty behind it. You won’t find a better warranty at a comparable price point.

The E35 elliptical is a “mid-range” machine, meaning that its capabilities are somewhere between equipment intended for the home and commercial-grade models. The E95 (and updated E95S) is a full-fledged commercial model, so it costs a little more than the E35 while offering several additional features.

Most of the actual features are the same. For example, both offer 20 resistance levels and 10 fitness programs to choose from. The programs include two for heart rate, six standard fitness regimens, and two additional custom slots.

Likewise, both machines offer a reverse drive system and feature adjustable foot pedals measuring 15 inches each. The pedals have an inward angle to reduce knee and ankle stress, mitigating post-workout soreness.

Both machines also offer an adjustable power incline, magnetic resistance for quiet performance, a heart rate chest strap with monitor, and adjustable handlebars. Heavy-duty rails and rear wheels provide added stability to both models as well.

Finally, both machines have a water bottle holder and built-in cooling fans for maximum comfort. A sound system allows you to plug in an iPod or MP3 player so that you can jam out while working out.

In What Ways Do The Sole E35 And The E95 Differ?

There are a few differences to consider, though. The E35 has a slightly smaller LCD display than the E95. Its flywheel is also lighter, weighing 25 pounds as opposed to the E95’s 27. The E95 elliptical machine also wins by weight limit (400 pounds vs. 350), but costs more by about $500 online. Let’s take a closer look at each difference.

Sole E35 Vs. E95 – Console Differences

Both machines offer easy-to-read backlit LCD displays that provide feedback on vital data points such as heart rate, calories burned, chosen program, and time spent exercising. Incline and resistance may be adjusted with a convenient button press, while factory-installed programs are mapped to their own dedicated buttons as well.

The Sole fitness E95 elliptical machine displays all of the above on a bigger screen, however. Its screen measures 10.1 inches against just 7.5 inches for the E35, making it slightly easier to examine your workout stats at a glance.

Sole E35 Vs. E95 – Flywheel

The flywheel provides stability and a smoother ride, making it an essential component of any elliptical training machine. In general, you should look for a heavier flywheel the harder you plan to work the machine.

The Sole E35’s 25-pound flywheel is pretty good, but the E95’s 27-pound flywheel makes it a little bit more stable.

Sole E35 Vs. E95 – Foot Pedals

Both machines have adjustable foot pedals, allowing you to adjust the toe-heel angle to find the most comfortable fit. If you plan to work out for an extended period of time, finding the ideal angle can reduce toe numbness and sore Achilles tendons.

The E95 is more adjustable than its cousin, offering 10 angles to choose from instead of the E35’s three. Therefore, you’re more likely to find your ideal angle with the E95.

Sole E35 Vs. E95 – Stability

The E95 has more weight behind it than the E35, a fact that provides noticeably more stability when combined with the heavier flywheel. This also allows it to have a larger weight capacity (400 pounds vs. 350 for the E35), allowing it to take more abuse over its lifespan.

Which Should I Purchase – The Sole E95 Or The E35?

Most residential users will be more than satisfied with the Sole E35’s performance, as it can provide an effective full-body workout at a more affordable price point. However, we recommend splurging on the E95 if you feel that you’ll end up needing its extra durability or weight capacity.

The Sole E35 Vs. E95 Elliptical – A Summary

All told, both the Sole E35 and E95 are quality cross-trainers that are well worth their price. The E95 offers a heavier flywheel, increased stability, and a superior LCD display, but the E35 is hardly lacking in any of these regards. Ultimately, the decision on which one to pick is up to you and your needs.