Schwinn 430 vs 470 – Which one is better and why?

When it comes to home elliptical trainers, Schwinn is very high in quality. These models are also extremely functional and they offer the best value for your money. Schwinn’s two flagship ellipticals are the Schwinn 430 and the Schwinn 470. Both of these machines are great for home fitness.

When it comes to choosing between the two, our pick is the Schwinn 430. To see why┬áread on…

Main Differences between 430 & 470

The Schwinn 430 and the 470 are both very popular front driven ellipticals. Each model offers a 20-inch stride length, a 3-speed fan, a two-window LCD display, and a charging station for your electronic devices.

The higher end 470 costs a few hundred dollars more than the 430. The 470 has a backlit console which makes it easier to see. It also has a motorized ramp with 5 levels of resistance. The computer in the 430 can store data for two users while the 470 can store data for four users. Also, the 470 comes with 7 more workout programs than the 430 has.

If you are an average user, the 430 will have everything that you need. If you are looking for a more intense workout, the 470 would be a better option because it has a motorized ramp. This makes it possible to increase the incline, providing a better workout. If you are planning to adjust the ramp often during your workout, paying extra for the 470 is totally worth it. If you won’t be adjusting the ramp often during your workouts, you can stick with the less expensive 430.

The Schwinn 430 Up Close

The Schwinn 430 looks a bit different than they typical elliptical on the market today. This is because the 430 has a stability bar and a leveler located in the middle of the machine. This design makes it possible to get a smooth, steady ride throughout your entire workout. To learn more about the 430’s benefits, read on.


  • Smooth Rotation: The 430 has a high-speed inertia perimeter weighted flywheel. This makes it possible to get a natural and smooth revolution each time. While working out, you won’t feel unsteady and there would be no jerking movements, even if you move while you are on the machine.
  • Easy To Mount: On many ellipticals, the pedals are set to high for an uneasy mount. That is not the case with the 430. The pedals on the 430 are set to just the right height so that you can get on and off easily.
  • Plenty of Foot Room: The foot pedals on the 430 are very wide. This gives you plenty of room for your feet so that your toes won’t hit the sides.
  • Natural Stride Movement: The 430’s stride length is 20-inches. Because this mimics a person’s natural stride length, it feels more comfortable and natural. Also, this is the perfect stride length to keep an upright posture. This is great for your spinal alignment.
  • You Can Multi-Task: The 430 has a dual console monitor. This gives you a place for your tablet so that you can watch Netflix while you workout. Because there is a secondary display screen, you can still see your speed, distance, calories burned, and the time. If you want to personalize your calories count and other feedback, the 430 allows you to input your name, age, height, and weight. Also, with the 430, two people can input their personal data.
  • Check Your Training Pulse: The hand grips on the 430 contain pulse sensors. This makes it possible for you to get a reading of your heart rate while you work out. It is important to understand that the pulse monitoring system is not always accurate and it is prone to a malfunction.
  • Great sound: You don’t want an exercise machine that is noisy and fortunately, the 430 is whisper quiet. However, it does come with top quality music options. The speakers installed in the 430 are excellent.
  • High Comfort Level: The fan on the 430 can be tilted so that you can focus the breeze based on your height.
  • Incline For Added Intensity: The 430 does offer an incline adjustment. It is a manual incline, however, Schwinn has made it very easy to operate. A single adjustment on a lever handle allows six levels of adjustment.
  • Track Your Goals: The 430 is equipped with the Schwinn Connected goal tracking system. This makes it possible to download your training date to the Schwinn Connect app easily. This will provide you with a detailed analysis of your workout. The app also helps you to monitor your progress as you work toward reaching your goals. Also, Schwinn has teamed up with the myfitnesspal app. This allows you to analyze your diet and nutritional intake.
  • Dual Handle Bars: The 430 has two sets of handlebars. The first allows you to move your arms in stride with your legs. The second set is stationary. This is great if you are focusing only on a lower body workout.


  • The Console Can Be Difficult To See: The 430 does not have a backlight. If you are working out in a dim room, it can be difficult to see the console. Also, the lack of a backlight can make it difficult to see from certain angles.
  • You Have To Dismount To Adjust the Incline: If you are going to be changing the include regularly during your workout, getting on and off the machine frequently can become very tiring.
  • Unreliable Pulse Monitor: The heart rate sensors in the hand grips will not always give you an accurate pulse reading. Typically, they will give you a ballpark figure. This is fine for the average user, however, if you are trying to stay within your heart rate zone, accuracy is extremely important.

The Schwinn 470 In Detail

When it comes to in-home use, the Schwinn 470 is top of the line. This is a very popular choice for home gyms and it has plenty of positive reviews online. To find out if the 470 deserves these positive reviews, read on…


  • Easy To Read Console: The console on the 470 has a backlight. This makes the training diagnostics very easy to see while you are working out. Models without a backlight can be hard to see from certain angles, however, that wouldn’t be an issue with the 470.
  • Long Stride Length: If you want to engage more muscles and burn more calories, you will need a model with a long stride length. The 470 has a 20-inch stride length. This is a couple more inches than the stride length on most other home ellipticals. Not only will the 470’s long stride length give you a more intense workout to your hamstrings and glutes, the long stride will make the movements feel more smooth and natural.
  • Instant Ramp Adjustment: An advanced feature for a home elliptical is a motorized ramp. The only Schwinn elliptical with this feature is the 470. The motorized ramp makes it possible to adjust the incline without stopping your workout and getting off the machine. Since the incline of the elliptical changes the slope of the path, it is a great machine for cross-training.
  • Greater Foot Comfort: The foot pedals on the 470 are cushioned. The ergonomically designed foot pedals will follow the movements of your ankles as you workout. Also, the pedals are spacious. This allows your feet to move naturally. Finally, the foot pedals are positioned closer together than most models on the market today. This provides a more natural stride and you don’t need to worry about hip strain while working out.
  • Charge Your Tablet: The 470 has a built-in charger right on the console for your tablet or other devices. This will allow you to surf the net or watch movies and you won’t need to worry about your device’s battery dying.
  • Monitor Your Goals: The Schwinn Connect Fitness app makes it possible for you to upload the training data to your phone or tablet. This provides a great deal of useful fitness diagnostics such as tracking the progress of your pre-set goals. The app can also be connected to myfitnesspal, which allows you to monitor your diet and nutritional progress.
  • Plenty of Workout Choices: There are 29 built-in workout programs on the 470. This includes two fitness tests, 12 pre-set heart rate programs, a recovery test, and four custom programs. These workout programs are like having a personal trainer right there with you.
  • Progressive Resistance: The 470 has 25 levels of resistance. This offers a large scope to increase to increase the intensity of your workout. As you get fitter and stronger, you can keep challenging yourself.
  • Dual Handlebars: The 470 has two sets of handlebars. The main set moves in motion with the pedals. This allows you to work your upper and lower body at the same time. The second set of handlebars is stationary. This allows you to work your lower body only.



  • Unreliable Calorie Counter: The heart rate monitor in the hand grips is not overly accurate. When compared to other fitness trackers, the rate tends to be a bit low. It would have been a good idea to include an external chest strap monitor similar to the one in the Schwinn upright bike.
  • Display Constantly Changing: The display on the 470 has been designed to toggle back and forth. This is great if you want a reading of your overall training to be displayed, however, if you want to constantly want to see your time, speed, or heart rate.
  • It’s a Heavy Machine: The 470 weighs 163 pounds making it a heavy unit. There won’t be rigidity issues, however, if you need to move the machine around the house, it can be a hassle.
  • **Expanded Wireless Capability: The updated 2017 version of the 470 comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. This makes it possible to expand your wireless potential while you are working out.


Comparing the 430 and the 470

Now that you know about each of the machines, it is time to reflect on their differences.

  • Incline: The biggest difference between the two is that the 470 allows you to automatically adjust the incline. With the 430, you would need to get off the machine and change the incline manually. If you don’t plan to adjust the incline while you are working out, you can simply set it before you start.
    If you are a cross-trainer, you might want to convenience of the auto adjustment incline. However, most people don’t use the function very often. Whether this would be a benefit for you depends on the way that you workout.
  • Resistance Levels: Obviously, you will get more levels of resistance with the more expensive 470. The 470 has 25 and the 430 has 20. This doesn’t mean that you will get more resistance with the 470. Instead, the division between each resistance is smaller. Most people find 20 levels to be enough, therefore, this isn’t a major point.
  • Programs: The 430 offers 22 workout programs and the 470 offers 29. Most people do fine with the 22 workout programs, therefore, this should not be your deciding factor.
  • Display: The 430 does not have a backlight and the 470 does. This can make a big difference when it comes to seeing the screen from different angles. On the 470, it will be brighter and more visible.
  • User Programs: Both units make it possible for you to input your data for more accurate monitoring. The 430 allows two users to store their data and the 470 allows four users. If multiple people will be using the machine, this could be a deciding factor.

Bottom Line

The Schwinn 430 and the 470 are both great looking machines that are both comfortable and functional. Both machines provide a good stride motion with a 20-inch string length. The 430 is enough machine for the average home user. It has 22 workout programs, 20 resistance levels, and a high-speed inertia perimeter weighted flywheel.

The main difference between the two is that the 470 has a motorized adjustable incline. If you are going to use this function often, it is well worth spending a few hundred more dollars on the 470. If you won’t be using this function often, the 430 will have everything that you need.