“Paleo” cake without flour and sugar recipe

I just have to share this recipe with you, because I am really proud of the cake I made last week. So proud I made it twice (for my moms and my boyfriends birthday). Tomorrow I`ll be making it again for my friend. The cake is made with absolutely no sugar and flour. Non the less, It is delicious, everyone who tried it, loved it.

The cake batter is actually banana bread, while the filling is a simple recipe for coconut (Rafaello) balls. I added some whey protein to the mix, so is technically not straight-up paleo cake. If you don`t add the whey it`s paleo.

Recipe for the batter

– 4 bananas

– 140g almond butter (you mix the almonds until they turn to butter :D)

– 4 whole eggs

– 4 table spoons of coconut butter

– 75g coconut flour

– 6g baking powder

– 6g baking soda

– pinch of salt and cinnamon

You mix everything into a liquid state and pour it into a baking tray. You set the oven at 200°C and bake for 20-30 min. When the bread is baked you cool it off and then slice it in half.

Recipe for paleo coconut cake filler:

You mix 2 cups of coconut flour and 2 servings of vanilla whey with 3 table spoons of coconut butter and 2 table spoons of almond milk.

Recipe for the paleo chocolate topping:

Mix half a cup of melted coconut butter with 4 tbs of pure cacao powder and 1 tbs of honey.

You slice the banana bread in half to get two identical slices. Spread the coconut filling between them. Pour the chocolate topping over the cake and leave it in the fridge for the chocolate to harden.

Bon appetit!

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