It`s summer, it`s after lunch and it is hot outside. You really want something sweet, you crave ice cream but then you remember that you are on a healthy diet, ice cream is bad for you and let`s not mention your body. I was in this situation and I was miserable. I was healthy, physicaly I felt good and looked good but I wasn`t happy. So I went looking for a solution. There must be some kind of healthy ice cream out there. That`s how I started experimenting. The result of my experiment is that I am still on a paleo diet, but I eat ice cream as well. How is this possible? 

I found out how to make delicious ice cream with just one healthy ingridient and takes less than a minute. So here it is, a recepie for my banana ice cream. You only need 3 ripe bananas for 2 portions of this paleo ice cream. You slice your bananas a day before you want some ice cream and the nex day you just put them in a mixer and mix it into a smooth texture. And there you have it! There is no ice in it, it is smooth, sweet and creamy. Try it! You have nothing to lose.

If you eat dairy, you can put some whipped cream on top of it. You can mix it with almond butter or peanut butter, if you are not on a strict paleo.

Try it and let me know what you think!