The P90x series sparked a fitness revolutionized. Fitness enthusiasts could find several different workouts to fit their lifestyle and fitness goals.  Easy instructions and simple exercises anyone could perform distinguished the first series.  The original package contained Yoga, body building exercises, Pilates exercises, and many different workouts.  Each workout was contained within a single DVD.  The P90X2 discs continue this trend, but they break with the earlier offerings in significant ways. Before someone orders the full set on, they need to make sure they know what the differences between the two sets are.

While the first set of DVDs were easy for beginners, the P90X2 series expects people to have acquired a basic understanding of the exercises in the first set. Because it builds on the earlier work, an individual should purchase it only after he has achieved what he can from the original set of DVDs the company produced.  Customers can purchase this series first, but they do not achieve the same results.

This does not mean that people who start with this series will not benefit from it, but it may take more time for a person to achieve the same level of competence that a person already familiar with the system may achieve.

This should not scare people from cosnidering this program however.  Any program worth persuing takes time and effort.  Even though the sequel was designed as an advanced course,  a user who follows the instructions to the letter will get the hang of the work eventually. Thety may even catch onto it more quickly than they can expect.

People who have used the system, even if they have not started with the first set of DVDS, can expect to see results within a few weeks. The user achieves better results when he learns how to do the exercises, but even though they are more complicated than the series of exercisable found in the first video, most people can learn the exercises if they with them.