P90x is probably what comes up the most in workout video conversations. There’s no doubt that it’s effective; you only need to look at various YouTube clips to see what results you can achieve.

However, some people tend to skip all the videos in the pack, and go straight for Ab Ripper X! Why is that?

Well, for a start, it’s quick. The P90x Ab Ripper video is only 18 minutes long; it’s very easy to fit it in your hectic schedule to work out those abs, as opposed to hours of pointless crunches. The whole program requires around 60-90 minutes every day for 90 days, which is not possible for some people.

It’s a good stand-alone workout too. Meaning, you don’t need to incorporate those other cardio or butt workouts to get amazing abs. In addition, there is no requirement for any equipment other than your body weight. It can deliver six pack abs without you having to lift truck-heavy weights.

The exercises are memorable. You don’t need to watch it every time you want to do the P90x Ab Ripper workout. They’re also simple, so you don’t end up wondering what direction one leg’s supposed to face and whether you’re supposed to look like a pretzel or not! They can also be modified in almost any way.

It doesn’t just give you abs, but the workout burns calories. It averages to about 120 calories burned for a 150lb person, who may sound little but it’s quite a lot compared to other abs exercises, which equal 50 calories, give or take.On the topic of abs and calorie-burned, Ab Ripper X provides a kick to those thighs and arms—those bicycles aren’t as easy as they look!Overall, anyone will benefit greatly from P90x’s Ab Ripper X. Doing it every other day will get you killer results in less than a month. If you don’t believe this statement, look it up! Others agree with it.