Garlic may add flavor to your meals but if you think that it would help you reducing your cholesterol level too, then you are wrong. Actually, this idea of researchers from Stanford University, California has come out refuting the previous assumptions according to which garlic may help reducing cholesterol level.

According to the report published, whether it was raw garlic, aged garlic or garlic extract, it was not associated in any way with cholesterol level. Before bringing out this report researchers studied 192 volunteers with moderately high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also called ‘bad’ cholesterol, by dividing them into four groups. One group was provided with raw garlic, one received Garlicin powdered garlic, one received Kyolic aged garlic and one received a placebo. Finally, results that came stated that it wasn’t found that garlic intake helped reducing cholesterol level. Touting ineffectiveness of garlic against increased cholesterol level, Christopher Gardner, a Stanford professor of medicine who led the study said: It (garlic) just doesn’t work. If garlic was going to work, in one form or another, then it would have worked in our study. The lack of effect was compelling and clear. This is definitely a significant finding but its reliability is still ambiguous because previous studies (which had touted garlic quite effective against cholesterol) had also wrapped their findings with scientific facts. Still this fact can’t be spurned away that the promulgation of this new idea is a serious concussion to the older ones. To know precisely what previous studies stated about garlic and cholesterol association just go through the following links:- Garlic Cholesterol – Lower cholesterol with garlic Garlic and ‘bad’ cholesterol Cholesterol Lowering Benefits from Garlic Garlic Helps To Reduce Cholesterol in Rats.