It’s commonly said that heart patients should not include fat in their diet. According to new research of American Heart Association, patients with heart trouble should adopt a mediterranean-style diet that should have “healthy” fats.

In a conference at an American College of Cardiology, doctors suggested that patient on Low fat diet and Mediterranean -style diet can minimize the risk of suffering another heart attack, a stroke, death or other heart problem compared with heart patients eating in the usual way. “Both diets are prudent choices” How To Deal With for people at high risk of heart disease, said Dr. Katherine Tuttle of Providence Medical Research Center and Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Wash. Patient should take saturated fat and cholesterol that should be less than 200 milligrams a day. The Mediterranean dieters were allowed to intake 40 percent of calories, with the extra coming from healthier monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and foods like olive oil, avocados and especially fish. The fish is recommended three to five times per week because it has omega-3 fatty acids that is good for heart. Research: The study was done on 202 people who had suffered heart attacks in the previous six weeks. 50 were on low-fat diet and fifty one followed and 51 on the Mediterranean diet. Both group has receive individual diet counseling sessions n the first month and six group sessions over the next two years. All were prescribed standard heart care drugs like aspirin, beta blockers and statins to lower cholesterol. Results (After four years): 83 percent of those on the low-fat or Mediterranean diets had survived without any further heart attack or stroke Cholesterol levels improved Doctor Katherine Tuttle recommends using olive oil instead of margarine or butter. Dr. Steven Nissen, a Cleveland Clinic heart specialist and president of the College of Cardiology who had no role in the study, said the study gave an important choice to people who want to reduce their risk.