There are a lot of fun and exciting ways to keep fit and loose weight that don’t involve expensive gym membership fees and bitter cold weather. The latest trend that has quickly got a huge following is crossfit. It keeps the stimulation through the body and it is far from boring. Due to the nature of this exercise regime, it is important to have good quality crossfit shoes. Every sport has its own specific type of shoes, from football to golf so choose wisely.

The key to this sport is strength. Build up strength all over your body, get your confidence back and retain your ideal body shape and overall health. Crossfit shoes have to be well designed, sturdy, and strong for all types of workouts. In terms of brand names that specialise in these shoes there are plenty to choose from. Women who are involved in crossfit will love the reebok selection. They come in colours including black, pink, green, blue, yellow and red. They have strong resistance, a funky design, and great protection. They also have a collection for men, also with bright colours which are very popular.

Lets take a look at the TOP 5 models of Crossfit Shoes

1.) Reebok Nano 1.0 Series Crossfit Shoes (m/f)

2.) Reebok Nano 2.0 Series Crossfit Shoes (m/f)

3.) Reebok Nano 3.0  Series Crossfit Shoes (m/f)

4.) Inov-8 F-Lite 230s

5.) Inov-8 Bare-XF 210s

It can be difficult to do strenuous activities all day and not have comfort. Feet tend to hear up quickly and any further movement would be impossible. Breathe ability is essential when choosing crossfit shoes. Feet need to be able to breathe when walking and working out. Try on a few pairs and find out which one is the right fit. Just remember that protection and comfort will be needed when moving around so much so be sure. This new popular workout method seems very worthy to our general health and body so why not add an extra benefit and get a good pair of crossfit shoes to motivate you.