As one of the most popular workouts out there right now, Zumba is only continuing to grow in popularity. More people are learning what a fun, exciting workout it is and are starting to include it in their own exercise routines.

One of the most important things to do, before you get started in Zumba, is get the right apparel. The right Zumba shoes in particular are important to have, and there are a few key characteristics to look for. Comfort is one of the most important features to have in your Zumba shoes. This ensures you stay comfortable and don’t feel awkward or pained in your shoes during your workout. You also need to look for good support and cushioning, to keep your feet properly protected and prevent injury.

1. Ryka Transition Fitness Shoes

One of the top choices for Zumba shoes are the Ryka Transition Fitness Shoes, which are a popular choice, for good reason. They feature a rubber sole and offer low-profile performance that keeps you looking stylish and modern, but also comfortable in your shoes during your workout. These shoes have a textile lining with removable Ortholite insert, along with a diamond shaped rubber outsole that helps by providing minimal grip, making these shoes ideal for studio and dance activities. There are also the Ryka Studio D. shoes, which are perfect for Zumba workouts because they provide the support your feet need during these intense dance workout routines. Find it on Amazon.

2. Bloch Traverse Mid high-tops

Another top pick for the best Zumba shoes are the Bloch Traverse Mid high-tops. These hug your ankles and make you look super stylish, but that’s not all they do. They provide lots of cushioning to the soles of your feet, to prevent injury and help you stay comfortable so you can keep up with your workouts and dance all the way through. You want to get as much as possible out of your workout, and if your feet are in pain, you simply won’t be able to.

3. Bloch Lightening shoes

Or, for the best Zumba shoes, you may want to think about getting a pair of Bloch Lightening shoes. These Zumba shoes are perfect for dance workouts like Zumba because they’re lightweight with a multi-layered sole. They are also very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune just to get yourself a decent pair of sneakers. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find just the right pair for you.

4. Bloch Boost DRT Mesh Sneakers

The Bloch Boost DRT Mesh Sneakers are yet another top pick worth considering. If you want to get started with Zumba workouts, these shoes are the perfect choice. They have a mesh upper, PU outsole and air cushion heel. Other features include a variable lacing system which allows for a narrow or wide width foot. You can choose, depending on your own foot width, so the shoes fit you as comfortably as possible without feeling too tight or falling off.

Once you have the right Zumba shoes and the rest of the gear you need, you can get started and really make the most of your Zumba workouts. These are all great picks if you’re looking for a pair of high quality yet still reasonably priced pair of Zumba shoes that are actually going to last you. Even with a low price, you want your shoes to last through your workouts so they need to be durable and built to last. These shoes are all ideal if you want to start kicking butt in Zumba workouts and want to know your money is going to be spent wisely on shoes that are going to be comfortable and fit your budget.