It is time to look at one more 30day challenge. Right now I am doing a 30 day plank challenge. What the hell is planking? It is a stability exercise where we position ourselves in a form of a plank. It is a great core exercise.

It looks quite simple, but don`t let that fool you! I already performed the exercise during the summer, so I can hold it for 1min. When I was starting out, I could barely do 10 seconds. To achieve the 1min mark, it helped that I was competing with my boyfriend, who would last the longest. It also helps if you focus on your breathing and not think about failing the exercise.

Because of my previous planking experience, I will start with 1 min and keep at it till the 11th day, after which I will continue with the schedule.

Here`s a video to show you the correct execution of the plank: