The 30 day ab challenge is a design for those with the desire to tone up their ab and stomach area in order to get the flat look that is admirable. The challenge comprises of a set of four different exercises to be done each and every day for thirty days continuously. During the thirty days workout, there will be some days, usually seven, that are set aside for purposes of resting. The rest of the days are scheduled for different exercises. At the end, you will have acquired your dream shape.

How It Works

The challenge can be completed either at home or at the gym. Approximately, it takes around five minutes to complete. However, slight deviations such as an excess or deficit of 1-2 minutes is also acceptable. By the end of the challenge you will be surprised by the wonderful results that you will have achieved in such a short period of time.

The 30 Day ab Challenge Chart

The daily chart that covers thirty days has been set up in a manner to allow you to complete only the number of specified exercises only once per day. However, if you feel like the recommended exercises are too light for you in a day, you can consider doing them to your maximum limit. Only avoid doing less than the recommended ones. 30dayabchallenge

The Exercises

The exercises are set in a way that they become harder and harder as the month progresses. Therefore, do not overdo them on a specific day at the expense of the subsequent one. As the muscles get used to the previous day’s workout, another difficult one is waiting the following day. The intensity of the exercises increases gradually and progressively. For this reason, do not expect the results after the first day’s work out.

The four different exercises that the 30 day ab challenge makes use of include sit ups, crunches, leg raises, and planks. The sit ups increase with a margin of five from the first to the last day, excluding the resting days. The rest also vary significantly, although with an increasing trend from the first day to the last one. The 30 day ab challenge is a good way of keeping fit and healthy without spending a lot of money and time.