Kiko nail polish 216 review and swatch

January 9, 2015 workoutessentials 0

Since Kiko nail polishes are so popular I had to buy 3 of them on my trip to Udinese. The price is low (approximately 3€) and the quality is quite good. I must admit I expected more, especially better staying power. I do wash my dishes everyday by hand, now that I moved out and that shows, a lot! On […read more…]

New years challenge- 30day arm challenge

January 2, 2015 workoutessentials 0

We all tried 30 day squat challenge and 30day abs challenge, so we are looking for a new challenge are we? What about a 30day arm challenge for a new year begining? In this challenge there are 3 different exercises and you will be doing them every day. If you will be following the daily plan you will complete this […read more…]

why is sugar bad for your skin and your health

December 15, 2014 workoutessentials 0

  As holiday time approaches I decided to write something that will spoil the enjoyment of eating dessert. Yeah, we need to take responsibility for our actions, so just read the facts about the second most harmful food in the world (the first are trans fatty acids, such as margarine, probably you don`t need explain that in desserts, thereis just […read more…]

Hyaluronic acid serums and creams

October 16, 2014 workoutessentials 0

As I already mentioned in my post about hyaluronic acid for skin, I believe that hyaluronic acid is the best ingredient for moisturizing the skin. I would recommend it to everyone with dry skin, but it won`t hurt those with other skin types. I presume you would all like to know, which hyaluronic acid serums and creams I find interesting.

comedogenic ingredients

Potentially comedogenic ingredients

September 12, 2014 workoutessentials 2

  This is a bit more technical term, so I am obliged to explain it. Comedogenic ingredients are the ones that are clogging pores and thus affect the formation of pimples and acne. They do it so they clog up pores and block oil so it can`t get out to the skins surface. However, it is important to add the […read more…]

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Hyaluronic acid for skin

September 8, 2014 workoutessentials 0

For everyone dealing with dry skin, hyaluronic acid is the ingredient you should be looking at when buying skin care products. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body. It is found in the connective and neural tissue, joints and of course the skin.