Kiko nail polish 216 review and swatch

Since Kiko nail polishes are so popular I had to buy 3 of them on my trip to Udinese. The price is low (approximately 3€) and the quality is quite good. I must admit I expected more, especially better staying power. I do wash my dishes everyday by hand, now that I moved out and that shows, a lot! On my nails Kiko nail polishes last for around 3 days and then they start to peel off. They become opaque after 2 coats.

review of kiko nail polishes

Of all the possible colors I chose 2 pastel pinks and a black one (so typical for me!). The shade 216 is a milky pink with silver shimmer in it. Or at least I think the shimmer is silver, I can`t quite decide. The shade is very girly, soft and romantic.

kiko nail polish swatch

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