Insanity workout schedule & calendar

So you have bought or are thinking about getting the Insanity workout DVD set (or downloaded it, we are not the ones to judge ;) ) and you either don`t wanna mess the nice shiny insanity workout schedule sheet you got in the package, or you downloaded it and it wasn’t attached at all.

Have no fear, cause the team as has found the ORIGINAL Insanity workout calendar, which you can download for free right HERE.

The insanity workout calendar is a nice overview of all the exercises in the insanity workout system. Its evenly spread over a course of 2 months (9 weeks to be precise). It starts and finishes with a FIT TEST, which is also included in the above mentioned link which already includes the insanity workout schedule.

How to use the Insanity workout calendar?

The best way to use the calendar is to just use a fat-ass marker and “X” every day as you go along. Trust me, that it feels great, cause you will be “angry” at the workout once is done. That being said, you will feel a thousand times better when you complete the course as a whole.

Why do I need the Insanity workout schedule sheets at all?

First of all its because of MOTIVATION. Put a picture of a body you desire or an idol of some sort next to it for maximum benefits.The best thing about the workout calendar is that  its in a PDF version, so you can print it over and over again. So even when you will go through the Insanity workout process over and over again, you will always have it handy. You are welcome to come back to our site and check out other related topics on the Insanity and other Beachbody related workouts. We also suggest browsing through other types of workouts to see, if anything else tickles your muscle buds.

Insanity workout schedule & calendar

If you are serious about your Insanity workout routine, you will deffinetly need the Insanity workout schedule. Along with the fit test and measuerements chart, you can gladly put your giant marker X-s on your Insanity workout calendar.

Insanity workout schedule – Insanity workout calendar

NOTE to reader:

If this is your first time tackling the Insanity program please note that these are one of the most intense workouts out there. Their inventor Shaun T. has gone over many other products in the past, but this one is an entire new ball game. The workouts themselves are not that long (keeping with the trend of fitness and the world today, where no one has any time left) mostly lasting around 30-45 minutes, but don’t let that fool you. You will be on all 4 at the end, but will feel great by the time you get home (ok, maybe not the first couple of times).

Here is how it looks in real life (note, that there are no buffed up actresses in the back, these are REAL people just like YOU ;)):

Just make sure to follow the day schedules exactly as they are setup in the workout calendar, because each individual exercise is setup in accordance to the previous days exercise. If you missed the link, here it is once again -> The Insanity workout schedule.

Good luck and have fun !


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  1. Venus Rice

    Hey Guys,

    I just stared Day 36…..just when i thought that i have mastered this DVD and there was nothing else left to push harder than what i already have given Bam!! he hits you with this….Thank you Shaun T. I hate you and love you all in one breath, you are truly a BRILLANT MONSTER

  2. Melissa

    Yes, I must recommend this workout to anyone looking to get back in shape after the holidays. You’ve got to see these top reviews on Amazon, they actually tell you in which order you should go. This is definitely not a fad and will be here for years to come. Can’t wait to get my workout out on at the beginning of the new year.

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