Essie 37 Lilacism Review and swatches

You won˙t believe it but we didn`t have Essie in Slovenia till now. Well, there was one internet store but it wasn`t known to the masses. Now we have it in DM (the name of a store). I just had to buy one, because they all love them and I haven`t try them yet. When I came to DM I was really dissapointed, the shade range in our stores is just sad. I chose Lilacism because I don`t have any lilac shade of nail polish, but this one is probably the only one I would buy.

It cost 10 euros here in Slovenia, but I like OPI nail polishes more (they are 12 euros), at least they have a bigger shade range and the shades are really beautiful. The application is easy, the brush looks like Dior or YSL ones, wide and flat. The nail polish dries fast and I really like that, but you have to work fast and you can`t make mistakes (otherwise you have to apply it again). One coat is not enough, you have to apply two coats. The staying power is great, it lasted 7 days on my nails (you have to be aware that I avoid housework as much as I can :)).

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