Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Swatches and Review

Chanel Allure Velvet

I can`t say that Chanel lipsticks are the best lipsticks I have ever owned, but they are certainly the most beautiful. Their elegant packaging attracts me like a magnet. I am a proud owner of 5, 2 of them are Rouge Allure Velvets.

You can tell by their name, that they have a mat and velvety finish. They are very creamy and can be applied with ease. Unfortunately this creamy feeling doesn`t last long. When they dry out they also dry out your lips. That`s the reason I`m not a big fan of Chanel lipsticks, although most of my lipsticks are Chanel (I find the shades irresistible). I could put a lip balm underneath it, but then the mat finish is gone. Maybe I should try a lip balm that is not so shiny (any recommendations?). It all depends on your lips and how often you use lipsticks like that. If I would use Rouge Allure Velvet daily for a week, my lips would be completely dried out, but I treat my self to it only occasionally.

So they are a special treat for me. I own two special shades: La Sensuelle and L`Impatient. La Sensuelle it is a gorgeous berry red color, I could wear it daily, but the L`Impatient is truly exquisite. It`s a very dark purple plum shade that was a part of the last years Christmas limited edition.

Chanel Allure Velvet lipsticks swatch

On the first photo, the finish on my lips is whey too glossy for this lipstick. I had very dry lips at that time, so I had to use a lip balm underneath it. That`s why I waited almost 6 months to publish this post (I wasn`t satisfied with this photo, but it is OK that you see how the lipstick looks like with a balm).

Chanel Allure Velvet L`Impatiente swatch on lips

Chanel Allure Velvet La Sensuelle swatch on lips

And one more photo of a gorgeous packaging (never mind my finger print on it :)). The lipstick opens with a click.

Chanel Rouge Allure velvet

Does anyone have any experience with Chanel lipsticks? Do they dry out your lips as well?

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