Abs for motivation

May 21, 2015 workoutessentials 1

Here I go again, with workout motivation. But the truth is, that motivation is the most important thing. It is not hard to workout, you all know by now how to do squats and planks, but you probably don`t have the motivation to do it and to keep doing it. So here I am with photos to give you envy […read more…]

30 Day Ab Challenge

May 3, 2015 workoutessentials 4

The 30 day ab challenge is a design for those with the desire to tone up their ab and stomach area in order to get the flat look that is admirable. The challenge comprises of a set of four different exercises to be done each and every day for thirty days continuously. During the thirty days workout, there will be […read more…]

30 day plank Challenge

April 29, 2015 workoutessentials 2

 It is time to look at one more 30day challenge. Right now I am doing a 30 day plank challenge. What the hell is planking? It is a stability exercise where we position ourselves in a form of a plank. It is a great core exercise.

New years challenge- 30day arm challenge

January 2, 2015 workoutessentials 0

We all tried 30 day squat challenge and 30day abs challenge, so we are looking for a new challenge are we? What about a 30day arm challenge for a new year begining? In this challenge there are 3 different exercises and you will be doing them every day. If you will be following the daily plan you will complete this […read more…]

No Picture

GSP Rushfit Workout

April 21, 2013 workoutessentials 0

Who or what is “GSP” and why should I care? For those of you who are wondering what the heck GSP means, you needn`t worry cause you are not alone. GSP are the initials of the UFC (Ultimate fighting championship) Welter-weight champion George St. Pierre. The phrase “Rush” comes from the fighters nickname (“cage name”).

The 300 workout

February 1, 2013 workoutessentials 1

If you have watched the movie “300”, you must have noticed the amazing fitness level the cast and stunt men were in. All that is attributed to Mark Twight, who trained them and came up with the now famous 300 workout plan. Mark, who is the founder of Gym Jones, put to use a lot of routines which saw the […read more…]

Hip hop abs

January 30, 2013 workoutessentials 0

Many people desire sculpted muscles, especially abdominals, but are turned off by the monotonous, lengthy workouts that many programs outline. Recently, people have begun to experiment with and enjoy new workout alternatives, such as zumba, and hip hop classes. Even though many other fantastic alternative workouts exist, hip hop abs is one of the most enjoyable ways to earn tones […read more…]