Paleo banana ice cream recipe

May 1, 2017 workoutessentials 0

It`s summer, it`s after lunch and it is hot outside. You really want something sweet, you crave ice cream but then you remember that you are on a healthy diet, ice cream is bad for you and let`s not mention your body. I was in this situation and I was miserable. I was healthy, physicaly I felt good and looked […read more…]

why is sugar bad for your skin and your health

December 15, 2014 workoutessentials 0

  As holiday time approaches I decided to write something that will spoil the enjoyment of eating dessert. Yeah, we need to take responsibility for our actions, so just read the facts about the second most harmful food in the world (the first are trans fatty acids, such as margarine, probably you don`t need explain that in desserts, thereis just […read more…]

garlic for cholesterol

New study: ‘Garlic ineffective against cholesterol’

August 4, 2013 workoutessentials 0

  Garlic may add flavor to your meals but if you think that it would help you reducing your cholesterol level too, then you are wrong. Actually, this idea of researchers from Stanford University, California has come out refuting the previous assumptions according to which garlic may help reducing cholesterol level.

avocado is a good fat

Good fat keeps heart healthy

July 28, 2013 workoutessentials 0

It’s commonly said that heart patients should not include fat in their diet. According to new research of American Heart Association, patients with heart trouble should adopt a mediterranean-style diet that should have “healthy” fats.

Dark chocolate improves blood vessel function

July 22, 2013 workoutessentials 0

  Don’t curb your feelings when next time you stumble upon a big bar of dark chocolate, eating a modest amount will do nothing but benefit your blood vessels. A small clinical study showed that dark chocolate improves the function of blood vessels.