Benefit Eye bright review

You can not buy Benefit products in Slovenia, not even in online stores. I was lucky enough to get it from a friend, who went to Belgium and bought me a cute little package. The package included the Bella Bamba blush, mini High Beam highlighter, eyeshadow primer and this jumbo pencil.

Eye bright jumbo pencil is light pink and it is meant to be a highlighter for inner and outer corners of the eyes. It gives the effect of bright, rested and open eyes. I used it under my eyebrows too, but it has to be well sharpened or you`ll have a big bright spot underneath your brows. You can use it for the waterline too and your eyes will look bigger. It is great for the waterline, but it is useless for highlighting the eyes, because you can use any light eyeshadow for that purpose.

On this picture you can see how it looks like on the inner and outer corner of the eyes and under the brow bone:

Eye Bright in the waterline:

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