The 30 Day Squat Challenge Workout Program


Squat and abs challenges are the fad at the moment and the 30 day squat challenge is a simple but wonderful way to tone up your butt, your legs and your core muscles. With this exercise program, you perform a set of squats everyday and take a rest on every third day. By the end of 30 days, the muscles that are around your butt as well as the inner and outer thighs will have been worked.

The idea is to tone your legs, your butt, and your lower body while you work hard at reaching a goal that will increasingly become difficult. While loosing weight and strengthening are two wonderful benefits of the squat challenge, completing the challenge is considered to be a major achievement. The entire exercise is great cardio workout and help with the development of your leg, your abs and your lower back muscles.

The 30 Day Squat Challenge Repetitions


On the first day, you can begin by doing 50 successive squat reps. Progress is made by increasing the number of repetitions by five while taking a rest every four days. After every rest day, you must add 10 more repetitions more than the ones you performed on the last day when you did the squats. On the last eight days of the exercise, you will do 20 additional repetitions instead of 10. This would bring the repetitions to 250 by the end of 30 days.

Reasons Squats are the Best Exercise

Many people wonder why the 30 day squat challenge and why squats are preferred to any other type of exercise. Squats are of great benefit because of their functionality and because they bring balance and mobility to the development of muscles throughout the body. Squats promote the burning of fat and present you with a workout that’s simple in movement and will completely strengthen all your core muscles.

Squats are also great for shaping your legs and your buttocks and provide lots of help with your abdominals and your lower back. If you really want to be fit, squats are the way to go and the 30 day workout program is one of the best forms or exercise. Your muscle mass will increase and you will be able to burn 50 to 70 calories a day because of the squat program.

The 30 Day Squat Challenge Workout Program


  1. I need some support. I’m so good at doing a week, and then I get off track. I feel, if I’m accountable I can get though this month with support from others.

    Who is in??

    • I am in :D. Don`t worry about how many squats you do every day, just keep on doing it, even if it is just a squat a day ;).

    • You know you`ll be toned just for as long as you`re doing it, right? There is no such thing, that would toned you for life if you stop doing or using it.

  2. ive started the challenge 3 days ago and im also doing the gym is there anything at the gym that could help me out with the squats other than the weight bar?

    • Well you can break it down. If you are going to break it down, break it down on half. 10 every half an hour will be much better than nothing but I still recommend that you do it all together or break it down on half.

    • Well you can break it down. If you are going to break it down, break it down on half. 10 every half an hour will be much better than nothing but I still recommend that you do it all together or break it down on half.

  3. Hi!
    I was wondering, if I do this challenge, what should I do once I’ve finished to keep up the results? Would starting over be effective or not?
    Thanks 🙂

    • I think it would be or you can start a new challenge. I need to write a post about other 30 day challenges :).

  4. Just started yesterday :))) is it bad if I do it twice a day??? Did two sets of 50 one in the morning and one at night… Is that too much??

    • Hi Tabitha,

      there is no problem with doing more of it at first. You will feel tempted at first, but once you get to the 100-150 reps level you will contemplate doing twice the work 😀

      The most important thing is that you started 😉

      Good luck!

  5. Am I suposed to do 50 squats in a row the first day or do it separately?
    On day 30 should I do 250 sqats in a row?

  6. hi, do you have to do the number set of squats in a row without stoping? or can you take like a 5 second break when you legs get tired and keep going?

  7. Hi

    I have fat on my upper leg (tight)

    What exercise is good to lose the fat on my upper leg?

    And also around stomach

    I have nearly 10kg of extra weight

    • You can`t lose fat on just some parts of the body, you can lose it all over with cardio (running etc.). And eat healthy!

  8. Hey, I’ve just done the first 3 days, then a day’s rest but then I missed a day by falling asleep. What should I do now? Carry on from 70 squats? Or start again?

  9. I just started today with the 50 squats… I hope this is gonna give me some results…
    The thing is I already have some pretty big legs so will I get even bigger legs?
    Another thing is… I’m used to do about 50 squats 2-3 times a week and i honestly didn’t feel much today at the first 50… should I try with some weight these first few days?

    • At first your legs are gonna look bigger but then your muscles are going to start burning fat and you will lose fat and you will be slim and your legs are gonna look great! You will feel it trust me ;). If you want to add weight nothing wrong with that :).

  10. I am coming to the end of the challenge and want to start squatting with the bar on my back. What weight should I be adding to it and to you recommend how many set and reps ?

    • Start with just a bar without weights, you will know how many sets and reps you can do, your body will tell you ;).

  11. Im in 8th grade yes im starting young becsuse its better to start yougg so you dont get fat in your teenage years so i have athletics im off season all we do is run and it makes ,y butt hurt already but running is an exercise correct? So i went on this website and it said dont do exercises while doinn the challenge and i just started yesterday so i kimda freaked out cause i really dont need to injure myself so is it okay to do the squat challenge and exercise and is it ok to do 2 or more challenges at once? Cause id rather get like toned in a month then hsving to wait

    • You can do it, it is not that hard! You cant injure yourself doing it, but if you`ll feel like it is too much, stop and take a day off or do less squats etc. Listen to your body!

  12. Also i kinda forget days and i really want a booty xD and thighs i have fat thighs but no butt and im doing the plank challenge,ab challenge and the squat challenge is that going to hurt me or make anything hurt not sore but like a very painful hurt?

  13. Started yesterday! ! I can feel the soreness already!! Hope I can finish it!!

    So if I continue to do this, would I loose some of the belly fat too??

    Wish me luck 🙂

    • You will loose some of the belly fat :). You will gain muscles and muscles burn fat! I wish you luck :). You go girl!

  14. Since about two days ago I’ve had a bad cramp in the back of my knee and I’m really struggling to do my squats, yet alone the 185 I have to do today. Am I able to rest for the few days until the pain goes away and then continue where I left it?

  15. Hi!
    I have a good bmi, I’m 57 Kgs with 169 length. I’m sportive but I was shocked anyway when I just made a picture of my buttocks. I’ll start the challenge tomorrow. I’m 45 and my butt is shrinking…

  16. I started it six days ago. the first and second day I did for 20 squats. but on the 3rd day I did for 50 squats and now jump to 100 squats a day. I do not know about the table actually. today is my 6th day of doing this. love it so much. even I do this while carrying my 6months son n brushing my teeth. it’s really crazy exercise. hahaha..

  17. I have a question… Will this make my butt bigger? I want to lose some weight. I’m aiming at my belly fat and my thights. But I dont want my butt to get bigger.

  18. I really hope you answer…
    Which is the best type of squats for the best results? Is there any type of squat that works on ONLY the butt and not the thighs?

    • I am sorry but there is no type of squat that would work only for the butt and not for the thighs. All types of squats are good, I personally love the sumo type of squats.

  19. I did the 30 day challenge a year ago, and it was incredible how quickly the results showed! It’s definitely time to get back into it, and I agree with you that people should listen to their bodies about how much is too much (I definitely had to break the squats in half once I hit 100 squats). I also agree that body cannot be targeted in the way that people would like to believe.

    Last time I did it, my thighs were disproportionately larger than my calves/lower legs. I am on my feet all day though, so are there calf exercises that are still toning but not too aggressive? (for a lack of a better word)

    Thank you!

  20. I did before and i stop because i play volleyball and basketball and next season i will be running for track, but I’m trying to do this at same time but i get tired a lot after plain sports.

  21. Today was my first day. I’m tired and I know I’ll be sore tomorrow but it’ll be worth it when I have a bigger butt 😀 lol

  22. Hi,
    I just started this, it’s my second day, I feel great, not sore so far but I know I will soon.
    I just hoping to see results in this month if I keep doing it.
    I just have a question, once that it’s over, can I start the same squat challenge again? From 50? Or is there any reason why I shouldn’t do this?
    I don’t know if I’m gonna be satisfated with the first month of the challenge. That’s why I want to know if there is anything wrong of doing it twice in a row, month by month.

    • It is good for you if you do it in a row. If you stop, your results will stop and we don`t want that, don`t we? 😉

  23. Hi! I’m on day 17 and I’m doing great! I can see results and I’m really happy!
    But I have a question for you.
    I want to keep doing squats, so when I finish the 30 day challenge, should I start from 0? Doing 50 squats on the first day? Or should I keep doing 5 more everyday?

    • If you want to improve you should do 5 more every day, but when will you stop? I think it would be great if you start all over again and you add weight to it. What do you think?

  24. Hi, I am on day 10 and already seeing results on the thighs if my eyes are not playing tricks on me. However Im still sore, is it because Im unfit or will I be sore till day 30. Its better though compared to day 3.

  25. I’m on day 3! I feel the burn and I’m a cna so I’m working more in everyday lol but I have been dieting, I use an app called lose it and I was wondering how to find out how many calories I’m burning while doing squats so I can add it in to my workouts?

    • I have no idea how many calories you burn with squats because I don`t care about calories, you don`t burn them a lot but the muscles you build with squats burn calories on the long term. So, think about building muscles not burning calories.

  26. I am on day eight. I didn’t see weight loss right away but I see it now as we’ll as my muscle on my thighs, butt and core being sore. But I can feel it in my clothes as well. I am doing the squat and cardio 30 day challenge along with walking and watching my food intake. I am using a app on ky phone called 30 day challenge which keeps track of my progress as well as remind me I need to do my daily challenge I LOVE it

  27. Ok, so i have been looking at this and reading it like 5 times now, just feel i really want to and need to do it but just cant get to starting, is that stupid or what??? Question then, if i have not been doing ANY exercises at all, will this be ok for me to start with?

  28. I’ve gained too much weight during my 2 pregnancies. I need to get back into to shape.
    I’m on day 5 now, believe it or not I am starting to see the results so as people around me. I’m so excited. I am not gonna stop.

    Thank you for this challenge.
    I will post the results 🙂

  29. I already have a big butt and thighs. I don’t want to lose my butt and my thigh won’t size won’t go down too much because of being a former dancer. I just want to tone what I have. My butt front thighs and the back of thighs. Will this do that?

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