Paleo banana ice cream recipe

May 1, 2017 workoutessentials 0

It`s summer, it`s after lunch and it is hot outside. You really want something sweet, you crave ice cream but then you remember that you are on a healthy diet, ice cream is bad for you and let`s not mention your body. I was in this situation and I was miserable. I was healthy, physicaly I felt good and looked […read more…]

Insanity workout motivation

June 26, 2015 workoutessentials 0

Summer is here. Are you ready for bikinis? Don`t worry if you are not, it is never too late. If you are not ready for this summer, you can start today and you will be more than ready for the next summer. And it is not all about summer, I want to feel good about myself every time I look […read more…]

Abs for motivation

May 21, 2015 workoutessentials 1

Here I go again, with workout motivation. But the truth is, that motivation is the most important thing. It is not hard to workout, you all know by now how to do squats and planks, but you probably don`t have the motivation to do it and to keep doing it. So here I am with photos to give you envy […read more…]

30 Day Ab Challenge

May 3, 2015 workoutessentials 4

The 30 day ab challenge is a design for those with the desire to tone up their ab and stomach area in order to get the flat look that is admirable. The challenge comprises of a set of four different exercises to be done each and every day for thirty days continuously. During the thirty days workout, there will be […read more…]

30 day plank Challenge

April 29, 2015 workoutessentials 2

 It is time to look at one more 30day challenge. Right now I am doing a 30 day plank challenge. What the hell is planking? It is a stability exercise where we position ourselves in a form of a plank. It is a great core exercise.

Insanity workout

April 16, 2015 workoutessentials 0

Most people dream of having a fit, toned, and healthy body that only runway models and celebrities have. While these high profile celebrities have the luxury of time and finances to hire a professional fitness trainer, most people find it difficult even to squeeze in some time to exercise in their very busy schedules. Juggling one’s career and home obligations […read more…]

No Picture

Essie 37 Lilacism Review and swatches

February 3, 2015 workoutessentials 0

You won˙t believe it but we didn`t have Essie in Slovenia till now. Well, there was one internet store but it wasn`t known to the masses. Now we have it in DM (the name of a store). I just had to buy one, because they all love them and I haven`t try them yet. When I came to DM I […read more…]